Nexo Hûggot Smart Ring (Black)


Join the latest trend of wearable technology, with the Nexus Hûggot smart ring! It is very easy to use: instal the application on the smartphone using the QR code instal the virtual label in the ring via the smartphone to run the label, the ring must be within 1.5 cm of the area where the NFC chip is. The Nexo Hûggot smart ring features two independent chips: one for public functionality applications (located where the small shiny stone is), and another chip is reserved for private applications (opposite, towards the palm of the hand.

•Material: titanium and zircon
•NFC technology
•Frequency: 13.56 MHz
•Transmission speed: 106 Kbps
•Degree of protection: IP68
•Functions: unlock devices, run or block programmes and commands, share business cards, links to websites, etc.
•Size 7: circumference of 54 mm / size 9: circumference of 60 mm / size 11: circumference of 66 mm
•Width of ring: 8 mm
•Includes transparent methacrylate case

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