Cactus Shot Glasses (50ml) (Pack of 4)


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The Saguaro is a cactus-shaped plant that everyone recognises.
Saguaro grows in the Arizona desert, down through into Mexico deserts.

Get the spirit of Arizona and Mexico into these glasses.
Fill them with some succulent spirits.
A classic of Mexico is of course Tequila, commonly served neat as a shot, with salt and lime.
Arizona is known for its wild spirit drinks such as chile-flavored vodka with serrano pepper!

Each glass holds 50ml (double shot), large enough for a shot cocktail.
Made from transparent coloured glass with a “branch” on either side and decorative embossing to give a “spikey” appearance.

Even if you don’t drink alcohol, these will make a brilliant gift for any plant lover.


Glass Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 7.5cm
Glass Capacity: 50ml (double shot)
Cleaning: Handwash only
Packaging: Full colour closed box


Detailed cactus-shaped shot glasses.
Made from dyed green glass.
Double shot size (50ml).
Pack of 4 identical glasses.
Ornamental as well as practical.