Dobble Friends


Join your friends at your favourite coffee house for a fast-paced game of Dobble: Friends, the new speed and observation card game from Zygomatic Games and Warner Bros. The game includes the iconic Friends characters, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Ross, as well as classic symbols from the show, like the turkey, the purple door and the Central Perk logo.

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  • This new version of the classic Dobble card game is inspired by the TV series Friends! Join Ross, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Joey in a series of never-before-seen challenges where you play as a team
  • Dobble Friends contains 55 cards, over 50 symbols and yet only one identical symbol between each card! Find and name the common symbol between 2 cards and win!
  • Play with symbols representing all the characters or cult objects from the show: the famous sofa, Monica’s turkey, Phoebe’s guitar or Joey’s duck!
  • Play Dobble differently in this edition: join a team! 2 teams compete at the same time through 5 new challenges inspired by the iconic series!
  • This game, accessible from 6 years old, allows you to have a great time with family or friends. With its small size, you can easily take it everywhere!