Ducking High Game


by the creators of WHAT DO YOU MEME?

Stoner thoughts are kind of like shower thoughts. Maybe not necessarily new information, but framed in a way that makes it feel like your brain is on another dimension.

This hilarious party game turns that into a challenge! Ask the question on the card and have your mates come up with their best answers. Whichever answer makes you laugh the hardest wins!

With questions like “If you had a second nose on your body, where would you put it?” it will have you thinking hard about things you honestly never would’ve thought about otherwise.

A great gift for your pal who likes the green or just some simple fun for your next party!


The kind of questions you might ask if you were “ducking high”
Come up with the best answers to win!
Great fun for your next party

Inclusions: 225 cards, instructions
Ages: 18 or older
Players: 3 or more

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