Electronic Arcade Basketball Game


Amazing Electronic Arcade Basketball Game
Made to look like full-sized arcade machines for that “night at the arcade” feel
Scoreboard, two ball launchers and sound effects for added fun and glamour
For up to two players, ideal for challenging friends and family
Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
Box measures approx. 44cm x 34cm x 9cm

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Everybody loves having a game of basketball in the arcade: it’s a fun experience that lets you try your hand at improving your aim and getting bragging rights over your mates. Now, though, you don’t even have to waste your hard earned coins on a bout of b-ball, thanks to this awesome Electronic Arcade Basketball Set.

Designed to recreate the arcade feel as closely as possible without taking up your entire living room (those things in the arcades are pretty big, after all), this game can be set up on your table with no worries. It comes with a giant scoreboard on top of the “court” so you can keep easy track of just how well (or not well, depending) you’re doing, a countdown timer to add to the tension and it plays awesome stadium sound effects that bring a bit of that American glamour to the entire event. The balls are set up in a little launcher on the base of the machine, perfect for simple press-and-shoot action that’s easy to learn, but difficult to master.

Perfect for setting up in your house and challenging your friends or your significant other to a round, this is an ideal little basketball game and is bound to be a must-have.