FX-16 Sky Quadcopter Drone


•Incredible four channel quad suitable for pros and beginners
•Perform incredible stunts with headless and cruising modes
•Take photos and record videos with 0.3MP camera (micro SD card not included)
•Measures approx. 39cm x 39cm x 11cm (with blade protectors)
•Flying drones is subject to CAA guidelines; see here
•Click here to see all the spare parts we have available.

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Take your remote control flying skills to the next level with this brilliant FX-16 Sky Quad. Just like our other drones, this one is packed with loads of amazing features that you are sure to love. The 2.4GHz quadcopter comes with a 6-axis gyro built in providing you, the pilot, with a smooth, four channel flight and 360° flips and tricks.

Not only do you get the chance to soar across your town, but you can film and video it all the way too. The built in 0.3MP camera captures beautiful shots of your local area, all by simply pressing the photo and video buttons on the remote.

Now that you can film your flights, it’s about time you upped the ante with some sick stunts. The FX-16 is powerful enough to perform incredible flips and spirals, all from one press on the remote, so even beginners can look like professionals. As it comes with an optional headless mode which orients the control around you as well as three speed settings, it’s perfect for all skill levels to enjoy. Another cool feature is the Cruise mode, which sends the quadcopter going around in a big loop, all you need to do is control the altitude and let the Sky Quad do the rest of the work.

Then when the battery is almost out of power, the green and blue LEDs on the drone will begin to flash and you can simply hit the Return button to make the quadcopter come straight back to your current position.

All you need to do is bring along 6 AA batteries for the remote control and you can let the flying fun begin! Please note: you will need a micro SD card to record any video footage


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