IDance Remix Drums – 2 Electronic Drum Pads


Use the drums to create and play awesome beats!
Has 12 drum set sounds built in with tempo control
48 high quality percussion and drum sounds
Totally portable with a built-in 5W speaker
Measures approx. 39 cm x 24 cm x 7 cm

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Add fresh beats to your music using the Remix Drums! You can play along with a real band, with 12 drum sets built in, delivering sounds from classic percussion to e-drums, EDM samples, and DJ spins. Overall, you have a choice of 48 high quality percussion and drum sounds.

Play along with your favourite backing track to take the beat to new heights. You get 12 audio loops built in, using real musicians covering multiple genres.

These drums have a built-in 10W speaker for awesome sound output. And, being battery powered, they’re totally portable, letting you take your grooves on the move. Just use 3 x AA batteries to power it and you’re good to go.

To take your sweet beats to the street, grab some full portable Remix Drums!


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