Jam Jar Wireless Speaker


Play music wirelessly with Bluetooth
6+ hour battery life
Built-in mic
Answer calls from across the room
Fits most phones
Remote control
USB rechargeable
360 High-quality speaker with bass booster

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All hail the mobile phone! These days our phones are our most precious of belongings because we use them for everything. Now you can give your phone the reverence it deserves. Place it safe within this cool Jam Jar when you’re banging out the tunes. The Jam Jar Speaker comes with a remote control, so you can play, pause, change the volume, all while your phone is safe inside the glass case. The 360° base speaker has beautiful high quality sound with a bass booster. It comes with a built in mic, so if you get a call while your phone’s in the jar, you can converse via the speaker – how futuristic! The Jam Jar is a beautiful wireless speaker in an elegant display stand that makes a great gift for any music fan, as a house warming or birthday present. Also a lovely gift for a happy couple getting married, giving them the sweet sound of music in their home for many years to come.

How does it come?
Wireless speaker, remote control, glass bell jar. 1.1 m USB cable in a box measuring 25.5 x 15 x 16 cm approx


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