Lacuna Crystal Wine Decanter 1 Litre


A spectacular tall wine decanter from Final Touch, the Lacuna is a part of the new range of glassware made with DuraSHIELD, a glassware production method that produces 100% lead-free crystal that is also Titanium reinforced. You will notice a clarity and elegance never seen before that this price point plus essential durability that is chip and scratch resistant.

Modern shape with hollow handle, designed to maximise the flavour & aroma of any wine
100% Lead-free crystal and made with DuraSHIELD
Capacity: 1L / 33.8oz
Size: 24cm H x 8.8cm

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A stunning centrepiece for any party and with tall and impressive 1 litre capacity this wine decanter by Final Touch has it all. Produced to the finest standards with DuraSHIELD technology.


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