Marvel Spider-Man 3D Hand Wall Mounted Deco Light


  • It’s a Spider-Man themed wall light!
  • Has Spidey’s hand mounted on a wall-crack sticker
  • An officially licensed Marvel Spider-Man product
  • Uses cool-to-the-touch fibre-optics
  • Easy to install, complete with instructions
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Measures approx. 22 cm x 15 cm x 5 cm

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So, you know that Spider-Man is a wall-crawler, but did you know he’s also a wall-illuminator? Yep, this Marvel Spider-Man Hand 3D Deco Light will make your wall brighter than a teenage science wiz!

This officially licensed Marvel night light is shaped like Spider-Man’s hand in his good ol’ web-shooting/this-band-rocks gesture. It comes with a crack-effect sticker that makes it look like he’s just punched through your bedroom wall harder than a stressed-out gamer on an energy-drink high.

The top of the light features amazing fibre-optic lights… right from the spot where Spidey’s web-shooter would be. These lights give off a soothing glow, that’ll keep you more relaxed than the citizens of New York when Spider-Man is web-slinging overhead. Oh, and so this light can move around as well as Spidey, it’s completely battery powered (requires 3 x AA batteries – not included). So, no pesky cables making your life as difficult as Doc Ock makes Peter Parker’s.

This wall light is super easy to install (even if you’re not a science major) and comes with a handy set of installation instructions. It’s brilliant for everything from babies’ rooms to gamer’s dens to man and woman caves.


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