Mini Arcade Game Machine


It’s a mini arcade machine!
Features 240 built-in arcade games
Built-in speaker plays sound effects and music
Has a full-colour 2.5” LCD screen
Requires 3 x AA batteries (not included)
Measures approx. 15 cm x 8 cm x 9 cm

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Have you ever had so much fun at the arcade that you wished you could take a machine home with you? Of course you have, like every time! But they’re not exactly pocket-sized… or are they? This RED5 mini arcade machine is, and it’s right up your 8-bit alley!

Designed to look exactly like a classic arcade machine, only smaller, this mini machine is everything the retro gamer needs! It comes with 240 arcade games built-in, complete with all of those classic, electronic sound effects and theme tunes! It’s also got a 2.5-inch colour screen, a wonderfully wiggly joystick (that you can move with your thumb), and two power buttons, not to mention start, reset, and volume buttons.

This mini arcade machine gives you a way to bring the arcade home. But, you don’t only have to play it there. Being powered by just 3 AA batteries, it’s totally portable. And, best of all, you absolutely don’t need Wi-Fi (because, like, it wasn’t invented when arcades ruled the Earth), so you can ramp up the arcade awesomeness from absolutely anywhere!

Arcade games shouldn’t be confined to the ‘80s… or even the arcades! Thanks to this retro, mini gaming machine, you can carry 200 arcade games right in your pocket! Get yours today!


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