Original Stormtrooper Wire Frame Light


  • Officially licensed Stormtrooper light
  • Light illuminates the wire frame
  • Based on the original 1976 helmet
  • Powered by USB cable included
  • Measures approx. 26cm x 20cm x 8cm

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It’s hard to believe that Star Wars has been in our lives since the 70’s. Many of us weren’t even born when the first film was released yet we have spent all our lives immersed in the fascinating series. Back in 1976, a young gent named Andrew Ainsworth created the first ever Stormtrooper helmet, and this amazing light, is an exact replica of that very design.

The Original Stormtrooper Wireframe Light is only a few millimetres thick, but from the front it looks like a cool three-dimensional helmet. Using a clever design plan, the lines that create the well-known features of a Stormtrooper helmet are illuminated from the light within as soon as the lamp turns on, creating a wonderful and unique lamp for your home.

Each officially licensed Stormtrooper Wire Frame Light is easily powered by a USB cable included in the box and features Andrew Ainsworth’s signature on the simplistic black base.