Pass the Ass Game


Got gas? Pass the ass! Get the party started with some fast paced farting action! Sure to boggle your brain and flush your mind, Pass the Ass is the top trump of party games! Simply spin the toilet roll, take an alpha card and squeeze the tattooed bum cheek to begin! Easy right? Wrong! Who knows when you’ll get caught short and soil your pants! With 54 alpha cards and 8 categories to choose from, prepare to learn who’s full of gas and who can follow through! Perfect to take to parties, and great for Birthdays and Christmas, It’s the perfect gift for a flatulent friend! How to play: 1. Start with a clean set of pants. 2. Spin the toilet roll to select a category. 3. Select an alpha card. 4. Give the ass a little squeeze to start the timer. 5. On your turn, say a word that matches the category and letter. 6. PASS THE ASS! 7. Got caught short? You’ve soiled your pants!

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