Spinning Hat Blood Butcher’s Apron


Apron features blood stained butcher hand prints
• Handy front pocket for keeping bbq utensils
• Great halloween costume
• Made of 35% cotton, 35% polyester
• Measures 25 by 32-inch

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Some time ago, whilst chewing over a couple of bbq pork ribs, at one of Spinning Hat’s regular meat cook-up events, we started talking about how we could better show our appreciation for the amazing work that butcher’s do to bring us these succulent hunks of meat to our barbecues. We could obviously tip the kid behind the counter in the meat section of Tesco’s, or donate small monthly amounts to local butcher unions for example. But we felt this still wasn’t enough. We felt the only real way to pay homage to this trade, and to fellow meat loving men worldwide, was to dress up! And so was born the butchered apron. So next time you are thinking about flipping some burgers, or grilling some ribs – make sure you are properly attired, inSpinning Hat’s Butchered Butcher’s Apron.


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