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A fascinating tool used since the 1750s by ship travelers and even by Charles Darwin! The Storm glass will mysteriously predict the weather: visible crystals mean wet and foggy weather, cloudy glass with small crystals will tell you a thunderstorm is on the way and clear glass will mean clear weather.

  • storm glass
  • Shape: drop
  • Placed on a wooden tray
  • Very elegant packaging
  • Material: glass and wood 
  • Dimensions: 22 x 11.5cm

The story

Captain of the British ship “The Beagle” in 1750, Admiral Fitzroy had the idea of ​​mixing distilled water, ethanol, potassium nitrate, ammonium chloride and camphor in a glass bottle to predict the weather during his sea voyages. It was by taking regular observations of the shape and distribution of the crystals forming in the bottle as well as the weather that he was doing that he discovered the mechanism that he had just created. He noted his results in his famous book “Weather Book” on the observation and forecasting of the weather, but it was in 1859, after a powerful storm, that the British Crown propagated the use of the instrument in all ports and Empire ships.

Fun fact: it is notably quoted in the works of Jules Verne and Victor Hugo.

How it works ?

More reliable than your weather app and simpler than observing clouds and stars, storm glass is (couldn’t be) easier to use.

  • Place the storm glass in a cool place, near a window but away from direct sunlight, heating or air conditioning.
  • Observe crystals forming, or not.
    • Transparent liquid: good weather
    • Cloudy liquid: rainy weather (even stormy)
    • Fluffy Crystals: Snowy Weather
    • Crystal Nets: Windy Weather
    • The more the liquid becomes cloudy and forms crystals, the more the weather deteriorates.
    • The higher the crystals, the colder it is

NB: It will take 1 to 2 weeks after receipt for the storm glass to be fully operational. Be careful not to touch it or move it, this would distort its predictions!


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