No secret is safe.

Do you dare to share your most private thoughts?

Are you ready to learn way more than you should?

Get your favorite drink handy, and get ready to bare it all.

Comes with over 400 Truth or Drink questions, not included in any other set.

UNAPOLOGETICALLY NSFW: Brace yourself for over 400 bold and spicy questions designed to uncover your friends’ most risqué secrets and hidden desires.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: 410 question cards + 16 “Buy a Round” cards to ramp up the excitement, making everyone answer a question + 6 blank (customizable) cards to craft your own provocative inquiries.

STAND-ALONE OR EXPANSION: Play Extra Dirty by itself for a dangerously dirty night, or combine it with any other Truth or Drink game. Any of the Truth or Drink games contains everything you need to play. Each can be played by itself – or, feel free to combine them, for the ultimate bonding experience.

MADE BY CUT: The Truth or Drink games are based on our hit YouTube series with over 2 billion views (and counting!). Our goal is to bring people together, one awkward conversation at a time. Now it’s your turn! Only a bottle stands between you and the ultimate truth. What do you have to hide?

Ages 21+ | 2 or more players

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