What Do You Meme? They are a 10 But… Card Game


If you’ve ever seriously judged a friend’s significant other, this is the game for you. They’re A 10, But… is the party game that encourages you to be as picky as possible. Based on the viral TikTok trend, this raunchy game starts off by having you flick a spinner to see a potential love interest’s hotness rating. The catch? That rating gets paired with a corresponding Trait Card that could bring a 10 back to Earth… or elevate a 3 to your dream person. The best part is that everyone has to answer, so you can see exactly who thinks what. You’ll never look at your besties, boyfriend, girlfriend, or siblings the same again—for better or for worse. Brought to you by What Do You Meme?®

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  • Start the game by spinning the spinner to get your imaginary date’s baseline hotness, and then pair it with a trait card. All players share their ratings (and defend their taste!) Anyone whose answer matches the judges wins a point.
  • Includes 1 Spinner, 300 Trait Cards, and Instructions.
  • This party game is for players ages 17 and up. Bring it to your next party or hangout for a 10/10 time.
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