Willy wonder card game


Ever wondered what Snoop Dogg’s tail looks like? What about Neil Armstrong’s red rocket? Expose them with this hilarious fast-paced card game! Take it in turns to pick a card, flip the timer and guess whose willy you’re holding! With six exciting categories (Acting Appendages, Musical Manhood, Sport Stiffies, Political Penises, Fictional Funsticks and Wild Willies), you’ll have hours of fun playing with yourself or with friends! Perfect as an adult party game or as a cheeky gift to a friend on their Birthday or at Christmas as a Secret Santa or stocking filler, these willy-themed flash cards come in a bright, handy box. With over 50 willies to guess from and only 30 seconds on the clock, can you guess who owns the cock? This hilarious fast-paced card game will have you wondering whose willy you’re holding!

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