YOGI Card Game


Hilarious game of twisted poses! Draw a card, do what it says, repeat until you’re all twisted up!
Brilliant party game, like Twister but without the mat!
On each turn, the card tells you to strike a pose. Keep taking cards and add more poses at the same time, keep right elbow high, card on left ear, finger on nose! can’t hold all the poses, you’re out!

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Yogi is a game that will have you and your friends twisting and turning (and laughing, of course!) each turn you draw a Card with a simple instruction, such as putting the card on top of your head or your finger on your nose. If a player can not agree with all of them, they are out of the game. There are rules for teams and a special “take that!” Where you choose cards to play on your friends! Its a great icebreaker for your next party or team building meeting!