Conundrum Red Wine Decanter Set


Smart Conundrum Wine Decanter Set features 4 stemless wine glasses. Pour wine into the Conundrum Decanter and watch in amazement as it cascades down the sculpted sides. The unique design of the wine decanter improves the flavour and aroma of your wine, for an enhanced experience.

The Conundrum wine glass features an innovative new shape with easy-to-hold finger slots, ideal for giving the wine a healthy swirl! Made from hand blown glass, the weighted flat base of the glasses has a good feel and ensures they stay upright when placed down. With a 470ml capacity, the glasses promote aeration and oxygenation. The wine glasses are suitable for the dishwasher.

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Product Information
Conundrum Wine Decanter Set contains:

1 x 750ml Conundrum Decanter
4 x 470ml Stemless Conundrum Red Wine Glasses
Packed in colourful presentation carton.

Care instructions: Hand wash decanter only. Glasses are dishwasher safe.