Drink Drank Drunk: The Game of Mis-Beer-Having


A party game, essentially about getting drunk, but including three variants that include ways to lose.

Grab your friends, pick a card and throw the party of a laughtime with the most hysterical game around!

Includes :

200 unique cards brimming with intoxicating illustrations and endless ways to play.
1 instruction booklet including multiple game modes.
All in one snazzy portable box.
This is the party game to end all party games, This is Drink Drank Drunk!

In all versions of the game, you draw a card and do as instructed. Some cards have actions that happen immediately, others are rules, powers or weaknesses, and then there are the special and wild cards.

In the “Wild Kings” variant, the wild cards must be included and whoever draws the final wild card loses.

In the “Drinking Buddies” variant, each team has an amount of drinks available, and the team that first finishes their drink stock, loses.

In the “Dranky’s Hat” variant, a glass or bottle of drink is placed in the middle of the table. Each discarded card has to be balanced on top of the glass or bottle. Whoever knocks the tower of cards over, loses the game.

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Rules can be different depending on the game mode you play but the mechanics are the same here we will outline the unbeatable ‘Infinite mode’

  1. Go around the circle taking turns drawing cards and doing what they say
  2. Try to finish the deck (This has never been done before, if you accomplish this please let us know).

The cards come in 5 categories.

  • Action Cards – Take action as soon as they are picked up.
  • Rule Cards – Placed in the centre of the table and apply to everyone (max 2 in play at any one time)
  • Power Cards – Placed in front of and apply to the player who picked it up.
  • Weakness Cards – Placed in front of and apply to the player who picked it up. (max 2)
  • Special cards – Kept secret and used once whenever before being discarded.

How To Win:

Finish the whole deck if you can but I warn you it has never been done before!

Alternative game modes include:

A Ring of fire / Kings cup type game using the wild cards as kings,

A co-operative game mode where teams fight to force the opposing team to finish their drink stock while using the wild cards as refills.

A skill based game where cards must be balanced on a bottle which must be drunk by whoever makes the cards fall.

The game can also be used while pub crawling:

Draw a different Rule card for the group in each bar.

Shuffle the powers and weaknesses together and have each player draw a card in each bar they visit.

Specials can also be won by completing selected action cards or dares.