Motion Robot


It’s an entertaining and super-intelligent robot!
Control it with hand gestures or the RC handset
Has speech, dancing, and singing functions
Programmable with over 50 actions
Charges via USB (cable included)
Suitable for ages 6 to 6000
Stands approx. 27 cm tall

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So, you��ve always wanted your very own robotic sidekick but thought you had to be a mad scientist or a superhero to have one? Well, we’re happy to tell you that you don’t! Thanks to the Motion Robot from RED5, you can have your very own, super-intelligent robot buddy!

With its buff body, clenched fists, and glowing LED eyes, the Motion Robot is built to look like a serious space fighter. But, inside, it��s actually just a softie that loves to sing. That’s right, we said sing! Hit the ‘Sing’ button on the controller and it���ll sing a robotic melody for you. And, if that’s not cool enough for you, it can also play your music, robot sounds, give you science facts, and even life lessons on hygiene, politeness, and safety!

All that is awesome enough, but, let’s not forget that this mechanical mate is called the Motion Robot. So, expect some serious motion… like dancing kind of motion! Pop this robot onto Demo Mode to see what it can do. And, if you don’t feel like dancing, this robot has about 50 actions that you can programme using the remote control!

Speaking of the remote, this easy-to-use handset lets you control the robot�����s functions as well as move it around. Or, if you’re in the mood to get space-age, you can use your hand gestures to control the robot! Put your hand in front of the robot’s infrared sensor and you can move it forwards, backwards, and side to side.

You may have seen humans dancing the robot, but have you ever seen a robot dancing? No? Well now you can have your very own dancing, talking, and walking robot thanks to the RED5 Motion Robot!