Same Difference – game


Go head-to-head or work as a team to combine trivia skills and identify the top 5 of everything!

Same Difference is the ultimate game of quick thinking and strategic guessing. This exciting game challenges players to guess the top 5 answers in a variety of different categories, using their intuition and knowledge to outsmart their opponents.

The interactive wheel spinner decides if you are working together or battling it out for the points! With the twist of requiring the same or different answer to your team or opponent. For extra difficulty, the wheel may land on a ‘top no.’ which will require players to give the number 1 answer.

There are 100 game questions included each with a different category, so make sure you know what everyone likes!

  • 100 Game questions
  • Wheel spinner
  • Ages 8+
  • 20-45 Minutes play time
  • 2+ Players

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