Serve and store your drink of choice in style with the Wooden Barrel Dispenser. The Wooden Barrel Dispenser is a recreation of a traditional wine and whiskey ageing barrel, giving your next dinner party a touch of tradition and fun. With its large capacity of 3L you are able to serve 24 glasses of wine or 48 servings of whiskey. The included 2x bags and 2x taps give you the possibility to change between serving wine or whiskey. Besides, you can easily wash the bags by fully removing them from the barrel. Simply pull out the tap to fill with your drink of choice and once reinserted the tap makes it easy to serve your drink.
Including 2x bags and 2x taps
Also usable with the ‘standard-sized’ wine bags
Material: Pine wood, Plastic, Steel
Diameter: Ø 20 cm
Dimensions Barrel: 28 x 20 x 26 cm

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