Electronic Laser Tag Game


  • It’s an infrared laser tag game set with guns and chest plates!
  • Contains 2 laser shooters with pump-action barrels and 2 chest plates with adjustable straps
  • Shooters use infrared lasers perfect for long-distance playing
  • Sets vibrate and make sounds when hit and automatically counts hits recieved
  • Set requires 10 x AA batteries (not included)

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Let the games begin with this infra-red 2 player laser tag game which contains all you need for you and a friend to start taking (safe) pot shots at each other!

These laser shooters reload with a pump-action slide and shoot infrared beams for amazingly accurate, long-distance shooting. They come with strap-on chest-plates that detect when they’re hit and light up, vibrate, and make sounds. They also automatically count the hits. To win, just shoot your friends chest-plate 6 times!

As the sets are colour coded (blue and green) it’s possible to have team games by using more than one set. You’ll avoid friendly fire as the opposite colours record hits against each other – but in a team shootout no one is safe!


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