Final Touch Tequila Board 7 Piece Set Including Salt Shot Glasses


Final Touch prepare & serve tequila 7 piece set providing you with everything you need to serve tequila for up to 4 people. Includes solid wood serving board, 4 Himalayan salt shot glasses, cutting board and ceramic lime dish.

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  • Final Touch Prepare & Serve Tequila Set (7 Piece) This set includes everything you need to serve tequila for up to 4 people.
  • 4 Shot Glasses Made from pure Himalayan salt, these glasses naturally add a hint of salt to your tequila shots. Removable slate cutting board Lift up the cutting board to reveal slots that hold bottles & decanters. Solid wood serving board The board has slots for holding the shot glasses, lime dish and your tequila bottle.
  • Set Includes Solid wood serving board. 4 Himalayan salt shot glasses. Cutting board. Ceramic lime dish.
  • Shot Glass Capacity: 45ml (1.5 oz) each. Shot Glass Material: Himalayan salt.
  • Cleaning: Naturally anti-bacterial Himalayan salt is easy to clean. Just rinse with cold water and wipe dry to clean between uses.