FRIENDS Central Perk Cookie Jar


What’s sweeter than Phoebe’s disposition, Rachel’s smile, and Monica’s expertly-made desserts all rolled into one? Tough one, but we’d have to say… this FRIENDS Central Perk cookie jar stuffed with loads of delicious biscuits!

Oh yeah, if you long to enjoy a sweet snack in New York’s most searched-for coffee spot, this FRIENDS biscuit barrel is right up your red-brick alley. It’s made of ceramic (that’s more solid than Joey’s build) and has a silicone seal that’ll keep your biscuits fresher than a Chandler quip. Stuff it with Brown Bird biscuits, Mockolate-chip cookies, or the much-coveted ‘Nestle Toulouse’ biscuits created by Phoebe’s grandmother and feel like you’re hanging out with your six besties as you munch away.

So, for a barrel of biscuits to go with the barrel of laughs that is your favourite show, order this FRIENDS Central Perk cookie jar today!

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  • The one where you buy a FRIENDS Central Perk biscuit barrel!
  • Ceramic with the Central Perk logo on its front
  • Officially licensed FRIENDS merch
  • A must-have for FRIENDS fans with a sweet tooth!
  • Measures approx.  16 cm x 15,5 cm


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