Gamophobia is the ultimate phobia-based party puzzle – word games for adults and kids have just got a serious upgrade! 

This comically confusing game of trivia, mime and memory will test and trick you and your teammates across 3 rounds.

Round 1 will test your knowledge of fears 🤔

Round 2 will test your performance skills 💃

Round 3 will test your short-term memory 🧠

It’s the perfect party game for groups of adults and kids. If you’ve got an ear for a fear, you’ll be just fine. But if not, you’ll find yourself shouting out some embarrassingly nonsensical non-words – it’s enough to make your palms sweaty!

So treat yourself or a friend to this fearful but funny party game for groups – unless you’re afraid of a good time, that is 🫣

– The phobia-based word game for adults and kids
– You’ll be tested on 120 real fears
– Across 3 rounds of trivia, mime and memory
– It’s a funny party game for groups
– And a fun team game for games nights

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