GanjaLand – An Epic Weed Adventure Board Game


It’s a mista-ganjastic, totally fantastic weed adventure game!
From the creators of What Do You Meme?
Will have you giggling harder than a hit of sativa and a Muppets episode
Includes everything you need to play (yet no toke-ns… hmmm)
Play as wizards, spacemen, unicorns… usual shroom-trip stuff
Board measures approx. 70 cm x 50 cm

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GanjaLand Board Game: What is it?

In this weed-themed board game you’ll take a magical trip that will change your life and your outlook and spiritual equilibrium… if you don’t completely forget it by dinner time.

How to play Ganjaland

It’s, like, super easy, dude. Just pick a card from the deck and, like, do what it tells you on the card. Can you make it from Dank’s Diner through Weedstock and the Brownie Hills all the way to the magical GanjaLand? Well, let’s just say… what was the question again?

Who can play it?

This game is suitable for 2 to 8 reponsible adults aged 18+.

Why you should buy it

Buy it because you’ve been craving something new… and we’re not talking about munchies-inspired peanut butter pizza. We’re talking about a game that will open your eyes better than a wake ‘n’ bake. Order GanjaLand now! (Or, like, a little later – we don’t want to harsh your mellow).

Disclaimer: We don’t encourage the use of illegal substances… but do think the culture is funnier than a ‘cat scared of cucumber’ YouTube video. If you’re with us, you’ll agree this game is all in good fun.