Master Dater by Cyanide & Happiness


In Master Dater, the newest card game from Cyanide & Happiness, players vie for each others’ attention and affection by creating perfect, horrible dates pandering to very specific dating interests. Combine a head and a body into a perfect match, and argue your way into the heart of the sexy single. Defeat your rivals, win at love!

Game Features

  • 300 weird interest cards, to let you know a little bit about the sexy single at the start of each round.
  • 230 head and body cards, so you can create the perfect date.
  • High quality glossy cards that will repel all the beer you spit on them while playing.
  • Guaranteed awkwardness if you play with your parents.

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The base of the game begins with the Sexy Single, depositing its Head and Body on the table, along with three random Interest cards, which can be “I need someone too” (orange), “Fun Fact about me” (blue) or “I’m interested in” (pink). The Sexy Single will be required to say his dating interests out loud, so the other players can prepare their hands accordingly.

The Daters’ goal is to create the ideal Partner for the Sexy Single using Head and Body Parts they have on hand, trying to match the most Interest cards possible. Then, they will debate individually, explaining why their candidate matches the Interest cards.