Party Bowl Board Game


Party Bowl is the three-round memory game in a bowl. Break into two teams and describe the same set of words three different ways. This game makes for the perfect game night! Add it to your party game collection so you’re ready with a fresh new game for your next get-together.

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Party Bowl is part of What Do You Meme’s new lineup of family-friendly games! Perfect for family game night, game night with friends, and gatherings of all kinds. Designed for ages 12+ to be as risque (or not) as you like.
• GET THE PARTY (BOWL) STARTED: 3 rounds, 2 teams, and 1 Party Bowl! In this instant classic, you use prompt cards to come up with a bunch of words or phrases to throw in the Party Bowl. Two teams then compete to out-guess each other in three increasingly high-pressure rounds of fun. Brought to you by the creators of What Do You Meme.
• HOW TO PLAY: Use the prompt cards to generate a bunch of words for the party bowl. In round 1, players draw a piece of paper and describe the word on it (without actually saying it) while their teammates try to guess what it is. Then all of the words get thrown back in the bowl and teams compete in the second, more challenging round where the same words are drawn, but this time players may only use one word to describe each word to their team! In the final round, it’s charades only!
• WHAT’S INSIDE: Contains 1 custom Party Bowl, 90 “prompt” cards, 200 write-in sheets, 1 super high tech 60-second sand timer, 6 pencils. Printed on premium playing cards (thick with gloss finish), shrink-wrapped in a custom box.
• MORE FUN: Did you know that we have other awesome games? Check out our OG bestseller What Do You Meme (plus a ton of fun expansion packs), and several NEW party games including more family-friendly titles!


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