POKER SET 200 chips


It’s a huge poker experience packed into a single tin!
Contains everything you need for a high-stakes (or friendly) hold ‘em game
Includes a playing surface and 200 chips
Ideal for any poker fan
For 2 or more players aged 15 and up

16 in stock


Whether you’re a Maverick and don’t fear The Sting of a loss, whether you like to play big like you’re in Casino Royale, or whether you like to grind it out, Rounders-style, this set will give you the poker experience you’re after! It includes everything you need for a gripping poker game (minus the musty, dimly-lit room with, like, no talking).

Inside the tin you’ll find a green, casino-style playing surface, 2 decks of cards, a rack containing 200 chips, blind and dealer buttons, and an instruction booklet (just in case you need to really school someone).

So, if you want to inject games night with a red-hot poker (match), deal in this Poker Texas Hold’em set today!


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