RC Submarine

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  • Miniature racing remote control submarine
  • Multi-directional control with diving function
  • With twin screw propellers for increased speed
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included). For ages 8 and over
  • Measures approximately 11cm x 8cm x 4cm

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RC toys have changed the way we play forever, first we had RC cars, then helicopters, drones and even flying cars! Now you can travel underwater too with this awesome RC racing Submarine!

Explore beneath the waves for the first time with this super slick and futuristic speed machine. This water activated design is shaped with a streamlined hull, hydrodynamic bow and is fitted with a built-in rudder and twin propeller system to create amazing speeds beneath the waves. Combine this streamlined design with five-way directional control, turning forwards, backwards, left, right and diving downwards for amazing fun beneath the waves.

The RC Submarine takes just twenty minutes to charge and sails for an impressive fifteen minutes, giving you plenty of time to have fast and furious fun time and time again!