Stainless Steel Cocktail Recipe Shaker


Classic Cocktail Shaker with 21st century recipes

This classic design steel shaker has 8 updated recipes for on-trend cocktails.  Turn the outer body and the windows reveal up to 6 ingredients: the top three go into the shaker while the bottom three are added to the drinking glass. The double wall keeps your mix insulated.

Sugar syrup is simply sugar (white or brown) heated in water until it dissolves and then allowed to cool.  Half a cup each of sugar and water is plenty and can be stored for weeks in the fridge.

Remember to push the strainer section onto the main body first and then add the cap to ensure a tight fit, and never shake anything fizzy like club soda!

The dial guides along the base allow you to turn the outer wall to read the recipes.

Food grade s/steel suitable for the dishwasher.

Recipes included:

•         MOJITO: 100ml white rum; 75ml lime juice; 50ml sugar syrup; 5-6 crushed mint leaves; splash of club soda/fizzy water; ice
•         PASSIONFRUIT MARTINI: 120ml Vanilla Vodka; 60ml Passoa; 2 Passionfruit Pulp; 1 tbsp Lime Juice; 1 tbsp Sugar Syrup; Sparkling Wine
•         ESPRESSO MARTINI: 100ml Espresso; 25ml Coffee Liqueur; 100ml Vodka; 50ml Sugar Syrup;  Ice; Coffee Bean Garnish
•         DAIQUIRI: 100ml White Rum; 50ml Lime Juice; 30ml Sugar Syrup; Ice; Lime Garnish
•         NEGRONI: 50ml Gin; 50ml Sweet Vermouth; 50ml Campari; Ice; Orange Garnish
•         WOO WOO: 100ml Vodka; 50ml Peach Schnapps; 200ml Cranberry Juice; Lime Juice; Ice; Lime Garnish
•         MARGARITA: 100ml Tequila; 40ml Triple Sec; 50ml Lime Juice; Ice; Salt; Lime Wedge
•         BRAMBLE: 100ml Dry Gin; 50ml Lemon Juice; 30ml Sugar Syrup; 20ml Cassis ; Ice ; Lemon Wedge

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