Trunk of Drunk game


•It’s 8 classic drinking games in 1 box!
•Contains everything you need plus instructions
•Cards have been custom made to match the games
•Perfect for parties, pre-drinks, or whenever you want to get smashed
•For ages 18 and up

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Before we begin, this game contains content that’s not suitable for under 18s. So, only read on if you’re over the legal drinking age.

So, drunk is the destination – a nice, big X marked on the map that is your evening. And, since you’re heading there, you need some suitable luggage… which we happen to have! So, make sure you’ve got sensible footwear and your toothbrush, and don’t forget your Trunk of Drunk!

Journeys can be just as fun as the destination itself, and that’s definitely the case with the Trunk of Drunk game. This boozy box contains everything you need (minus the tipple) to play a whopping 8 of your favourite drinking games!

Dive into the trunk (like it’s a bottle of your favourite booze) and you’ll find 20 red solo cups, 4 ping pong balls, 52 custom cards, and a booklet of game rules. These let you play the following smashing classics:
•Beer Pong: The most fun you can have with booze and balls (not a word, please). The balls you must sink to make your opponents drink!
•Never Have I Ever: Remember that time you sat something out and caught hell for it? Well, now you reap the rewards! The custom cards are full of ‘I have never…’ suggestions.
•Ring of Fire (AKA King’s Cup): Break your friends’ spirits in this mashup of multiple games… but don’t ever break the circle! Bad things happen to good people.
•Most Likely: Sometimes you have to tell it like it is. Let your friends know exactly where they’re heading in life… and hope they’re still your friends at the end of the evening! Again, the custom cards help you out.
•21’s: You’d think counting to 21 is easy. But, when your booze-brain meets pressure… well, it’s not.
•Arrogance: It’s heads or tails, but with a high stakes twist. Let’s just say, you don’t want to be the first to guess wrong after a series of rights…
•Screw the Dealer: Guess the value of the cards the dealer is holding and hope that you’re not the dealer when the game is ending!
•Flip Cup: Flip your cup so it lands squarely and help your team win!

Sooooo, we’ve been playing with the Trunk of Drunk while you’ve been reading all that, and we’re shuitably shloshed. Aaaand, we love you all, so much… so we want you to get on our level! So, for 8 amazing games that’ll make your parties, pre-drinks, and basically any boozy get-together way more exciting, get your Trunk of Drunk today!


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