What Do You Meme? INTL edition or UK edition


•It’s a hilarious card game
•Compete against friends (and cool family) to make the funniest meme
•Separate NSFW deck for adults only
•Box includes gloss cards, easel, and bonus rules
•You get 360 caption cards and 75 photo cards

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Someone’s sitting on a bed reading a book of reasons to live… what’s their meme? ‘When you say something funny and no one hears you… then someone repeats it and everyone laughs.’ Or maybe, ‘When you open a card from your nan and there’s no money inside it.’

Everything in life has a meme… or, at least, it does now! What Do You Meme? is a game that lets you verbalise the judgemental comments that constantly run through your head, and that you usually have to bite your tongue to keep in. It’s fun for the whole family, unless you decide to crack open the NSFW collection. Then it’s definitely time to put the kids to bed.

The rules of the game are as easy as skipping a gym session. All you have to do (to play, not skip gym) is pick one of the 75 photo cards, place it on the included easel, and then choose from the 360 caption cards (which you’ve dished out ahead of time) to meme-ify dat boi. The player with the best caption wins the round and keeps the photo card. The goal is to have more photo cards than the other players when you all finally get hungry and end the game to order pizza!

This game guarantees that you’ll have more fun than anyone who has become the subject of a meme will ever have again. If you’re OK with that (and we know you are), be sure to get your What Do You Meme? game today!

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