Chain Wine Bottle Holder


Turn your wine bottles into true eye catchers for your home!

Why would you put your bottles of wine on top of a cupboard or in the basement if you can use them as an eye-catcher in your living room? Now you can put your favourite bottle of wine in the Magic Chain Wine Holder. Now it will look like the bottle is floating and like the chain is hanging around it! This, of course is only an optical illusion because the metal chain is as steady as a rock.

Surprise your guests during those most magical moments like a birthday, anniversary or romantic dinner. Choose the Chain Wine Bottle Holder for its exclusive design, chrome finishing and elegance!


  • Magic Wine Bottle Holder
  • Optical illusion
  • Suitable for standard wine bottles
  • Material: nickel-plated steel chain

Dimensions: 23cm (L) × 14cm (W) × 21cm (H)

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