With this fantastic invention you and your friends will be able to play chess with three people. This will make chess even more exciting. The rules don’t change at all, there is only an added procotol to be followed to maintain the order between the borders of each team. There are lines all across the board to just simply guide your pieces when they make a diagonal move.
The added third player brings an infinite amount of complexity to the game. You will always fight on two fronts and will never know how the game is going to work out. One unexpected move and you could lose it all! You could end up checkmated by two players or even checkmate two people by yourself.

  • Authentic game
  • Contains three parties to play with: white, grey and black
  • With trajectory lines to make each move
  • Ideal to play with friends
  • Also ideal as gift for board games lovers
  • Material: plastic and paperboard
  • Dimensions board: ø 55 cm
  • Dimensions packaging: 56 x 6 x 28,5 cm
  • Net weight: 870 grams
  • Gross weight: 1450 gram

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