Dope or Nope: Family Card Game


Invent dope products: make your own hilarious products and rate them! Is your new product Dope or Nope?
Make an epic pitch: inventing the best product is only step one. Players then have to pitch and sell their invention to a buyer! The buyer is the judge and picks The dopest invention
What’s Included: over 265 Product cards, 50 buyer cards, 30 dope cards and the dopest 60 second hourglass. Play all 3 game modes like classic mode, dope vote and dope or die mode. For ages 8 and up
Unleash your creativity: the opportunities to keep creating new products are nearly limitless with all the different cards that come with the game! Dope or Nope is fun to play over and over again.

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Combine product cards together to create dope new inventions and pitch those inventions to buyers (a.k.a the judge). The dopest invention wins!

With over 265 products product cards, The opportunities to create hilarious products are limitless. This party game is a blast to play with family and friends. Unleash the hilarity and creativity of your mind!


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