Hydraulic Cyborg Hand – Build It Kit!

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  • It looks like you need a hand… this cyborg hand!
  • STEM Toy of the Year 2021 winner
  • Comes in kit form – loads of fun to build
  • No motor, no battery – just powered by hydraulics
  • Excellent STEM learning for ages 10+
  • Easy to assemble in approx. 2.5 hours

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Hydraulic Cyborg Hand: What is it?

It’s a moving robotic hand that comes in kit form, meaning you have loads of fun building it and even more fun playing with it!

About the product

It’s made from 203 easy-to-assemble pieces and uses hydraulic power to move. Use the adjustable settings and watch how the system is able to move each finger.

How is it powered?

It’s powered by hydraulics alone. No batteries or motor is needed!

Why you should buy it

It’s loads of fun, but it’s also a fantastic STEM toy that teaches you about mechanics and engineering. Order your Hydraulic Cyborg Hand now!


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