iMusic Pillow


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The iMusic Pillow is the comfortable and considerate way to listen to music and podcasts in bed. With sleep habits being a common cause of arguments between couples – the iMusic Pillow could become your customer’s new best friend. The standard sized pillow houses a hidden speaker inside, through which chosen music or podcasts can be played. Music is transferred to the pillow using adapted headphone technology and your media player, connected by the pillow’s 3.5mm audio cable. The pillow plays chosen music or podcasts at a comfortable listening level, entertaining the person lying on it whilst leaving their partner to sleep. The iMusic Pillow is also very useful to drown out snoring partners. Pillow cover is made from 80% Polyester, and 20% cotton.

Speaker Specification:

  • External dimension: 70mm
  • Inside speaker: 57mm
  • Output: 0.5w