Newton’s Cradle


Classic physics based executive toy
With chrome effect balls and frame
Demonstrates Newton’s third law
Strangely addictive and hypnotic motion!

The Newton Cradle is something almost everyone knows but no one knows where to get one. It’s a thing you often see in the movies on TV.
Now we have a bigger version with a wooden plinth, metal bars and metal balls. This will look great on any desk.

  • Implementation Newton cradle
  • Made of high quality Wood and Steel
  • The same number of balls rebound
  • Material: steel, wooden platform
  • Dimensions product: height: 17.5 cm, platform: 18 x 12 x 1.5 cm

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The closest thing to perpetual motion this side of physics, the Newton’s Cradle is the classic desk toy that has enjoyed continuous popularity ever since its release! And if you’re thinking that was way back in the 17th century, it turns out this iconic office toy has actually only been around since the swinging sixties.

Named after one of the foremost scientific intellects of all time, the Newton’s Cradle is created by a set of five balls suspended from a chrome frame. When one of the balls is moved, it triggers an equal and opposite reaction in the other balls, creating a chain reaction of kinetic energy.

Use this clever cradle to help you get your thinking head on, as an aid to relieve tension in the office or simply observe the wonder of physics with this surprisingly addictive and hypnotic desk top companion!