Nova Lava Lamps


Add a little retro to someone’s bedroom or desk with one of the Nova Lava Lamps.

There are 4 styles available, all of which will provide a mesmerising and calming ambience day or night. Your lucky retro fan will watch as the lava moves and shifts like a living creature and be transported to their younger years when a lava lamp was a staple in any bedroom. From a rainbow design to purple liquid with red wax and black liquid with bursts of glitter to blue liquid with white wax, there’s an eclectic variety.

Alternative to the standard shape, this style of lava lamp is cylindrical which provides a modern twist to the retro classic, making this particular gift one that can also be given to younger generations, especially the creative kind.

There is a lava lamp to suit your loved one’s personality and home/workplace décor in this selection of stylish Nova Lava Lamps.

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A retro classic with a contemporary twist.
Choose 1 of 4 styles from the following:

Rainbow Lava lamp
Purple Liquid with Red Wax
Blue Liquid with White Wax
Rainbow Glitter Lamp

Tall and cylinder in style.
Made from glass and features black anodised aluminium finish.
Includes a UK 3 pin plug and R39 30W reflector bulb.
Suitable for ages 12+.
Measures approx.. 40 x 10 x 10 cm.
Weighs 1700 g.

Please write in comments what kind of Nova Lamp do you prefer.