Red Motion Control Drone – Version 3


Steer this drone using only hand gestures!
Altitude lock and one-button take-offs and landings
Perform incredible 360° flips at the touch of a button
Headless mode for easier control and performance
Under 250 grams – does not require registration
Measures approx. 16 cm x 14 cm x 4 cm

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Flying a drone is awesome. But, learning to fly a drone can often lead to more crashes than an outdated computer trying to run Photoshop. If only there was a drone you could just pick and fly. Oh, wait, there is! It’s called the RED5 Motion Control Drone!

The latest version of this intuitive drone lets you go directly to experienced drone pilot… without the awkward learning curve.

A new way to fly: Don’t worry about a complicated remote. This computer mouse styled controller works with the motion of your hand. Move your hand left and the drone flies to the left. Tilt your hand forwards and the drone flies forward. In no time at all you’ll have on-lookers thinking you’ve been flying for years… or inherited some serious Jedi skills!

Auto take-off and land: Ordinarily, getting a drone up in the air or getting it to land safely can be harder than getting up on a rainy Monday morning. Too much or too little power and it can end in disaster. But, with the Motion Drone, it’s a breeze. Simply press the button on the side of the remote and up it goes. Press it again and watch it land without a hitch.

Altitude hold: The Motion Drone has a nifty feature where it automatically holds its height for you. That means you can focus on flying it where you want it to go without the worry of going too high and out of range, or too low and hitting the floor!

Headless mode: Headless mode is a great feature, particularly for new pilots, which makes flying even easier. Now you don’t need to worry about which way the drone is facing and trying to figure out the correct command to give it. Simply put, if you want the drone to go to the left, tilt your hand left and that’s the way it will go, regardless of which way the drone is actually facing. Plus, headless mode gives you the opportunity to perform amazing 360° flips with ease. Simply push up the trigger on the side and watch in awe as the drone works its magic.

The RED5 Motion Control Drone is fantastic for beginners, completely cutting out that frustrating learning period and launching straight into the fun. But, it’s also great for seasoned drone pilots who fancy a new way to fly. So, for flight at your fingertips, order this drone now!