RED5 Drawbot


  • This clever robot follows the lines you draw!
  • Uses an optical sensor to follow whatever path you like
  • It works best if you draw thick lines
  • Requires 4 x button batteries (included)
  • Fantastic fun for ages 6 and up

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Robots finding their own way around? Now, that’s where we draw the line. Or, that’s why we draw the line? Point is, draw a line on a piece of paper and the RED5 Drawbot will follow it!

This clever robot has an optical sensor that can detect drawn lines, allowing the robot to stick to that line better than polite people in a post office. It works best if you make the line super-thick and avoid hard turns. If you make a loop, the Drawbot will carry on following the line. And, if it reaches the end of a line, it’ll just keep going in in that direction.

This robot is powered by 4 x button batteries, which are included. Also included is a marker, plus paper to draw on and an instruction manual.

Where do you draw the line? We don’t know, but this RED5 Drawbot sure does! Order yours now!


Store spare batteries securely & dispose of used batteries safely. If you think batteries might have been swallowed or placed inside any body part, seek immediate medical attention.


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