The Whiskey Smoker Kit is a must-have for every whiskey lover. A simple way to make each glass unique and sophisticated. Its modern and durable design makes it easy to use and can make anyone become a premium bartender at home. The Whisky Smoker Kit includes the smoker (carved out of beech wood), a refillable torch, removable stainless-steel mesh, cleaning brush and 4 wood chip flavours. The four different wood chips add depth and flavour, allowing you to experience the natural wood smoke in each drink. The double-sided design makes it possible to use the smoker on most whiskey and cocktail glasses with a diameter of up to 10 cm. The smoker is also suitable to be used for your cocktails, wine or culinary arts.

Includes: 1 Whisky Smoker, 1 refillable torch, 1 cleaning brush, 4 wood chip flavours
Material: Wood, Stainless steel, ABS, Aluminium
Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 3 cm
Weight: 0,44 kg

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