5M LED Strip Light with Sound Control


Create a cool ambiance with this self-adhesive light strip!
Sound activation reacts to your movies or games
Changes between 8 colours with 4 flashing modes
Powered by USB with a remote control
5-metre length – can be trimmed

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So, you want to watch TV or game in a dark room, but the glare from your screens burns your eyes worse than seeing your parents’ underwear on the washing line. No problem, all you need is this 5M LED Strip Light with Sound Control by RED5!

Put this behind your screens or under your desk to bring some awesome ambiance to your room, brightening it enough to reduce the glare. It changes between 8 different colours and has 4 different flashing modes. Oh, and it’s even sound controlled, reacting to your music or movie sound!

This strip is easy to attach with its self-adhesive backing. And, if it’s too long, just trim it to the length you need.

Ready to transform your lounge, chill room, or gaming den? Order this 5M LED Strip Light now!