After a hard day at the office, you need something to ease those tight joints and stiff muscles, thankfully with the Vibrohug Neck Massager you can sit back and relax as it’s therapeutic vibrations provide aid relief for your neck and shoulders.

When it’s all just a bit too much the Vibrohug has a soft consistency, so just hold tight and wait for its gentle vibrations to sooth and relax you. You can simply wrap the Vibrohug around your neck to provide you with a comfortable cushion when you are travelling or at home. You could even use it at the office for when your boss is giving you grief in your ear.

Requires AA batteries (not included).

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If you are feeling stressed and need a massage to ease daily pain and tension, the Wellness Relax neck massage cushion makes it easy for youl! A simple and effective way to give a pleasant feeling of well-being and relaxaton in the neck area. This handy and comfortable massage cushion can also be used on other areas of the body, such as shoulders, legs, arms, etc.
•Made of elastane and fleece
•Ergonomic design
•Soft and flexible
•Easy to use and handle
•2 levels of vibrations
•Off / vibration 1 / vibration 2 button
•Approx. dimensions: 85 x 11 cm
•Battery operated (2 x AA, not included)


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