Battle Tanks Twin Pack

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  • Awesome hi-tech remote controlled laser tag game for two!
  • Each tank has 4 lives, realistic sound effect and shudders once hit!
  • 360 movement in each tank
  • Do battle with infrared laser beams
  • LED lights
  • Tanks become disabled after 4 hits
  • 3 x AAA batteries to power each tank
  • 2 X 1.5V AA batteries for each controller

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It’s time to do battle in the most epic style thanks to the Battle Tanks Twin Pack. Pit your tank against your friend or foes and go to war in a hi tech game of laser tag! Both tanks boast 360 degree movement but each one moves on different frequencies giving the game a serious edge of competitiveness.

Control your tank from up to 15m away and fire up to 10m to defeat your opponent. Each tank has four lives and the realistic sounds and shudders will let you know once you’re hit! After 4 hits, your tank will disable, so make sure you hit them with 4 shots before they get you.

Each tank is also fitted with LED indicators for an awesome effect as well as deceiving your opponent.

This is one gift that will go down a storm with kids at Christmas as well as, well, anytime! Get yours today.


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