Compact Colour Change Umbrella

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Changes colour when it rains.

  • Super compact version of our most popular umbrella.
  • Black umbrella printed with colour changing ink.
  • White raindrop pattern turns multi-coloured when wet.
  • High-quality mechanisms and soft grip handle.
  • Carbon fibre struts to defy the windiest weather.
  • Lightweight, portable, super-tough and durable.
  • Brighten Up Bad Weather.

Just when you thought the venn diagram of ultra portable and attractive design would never coincide… we bring you the extreme compact version of our most popular Umbrella. It still changes colour when it rains but now when it’s not raining it fits in your pocket. Simple white raindrop pattern transforms into a rainbow burst of colour when the umbrella gets wet. Printed with special ink, that comes to life when in contact with water. 17cm / 7 inches long when folded & 87cm / 34 inches in diameter when open.

Made by Suck UK

170 x 50 x 50mm


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